Do you think of Fall as Flannel Season? While everyone else is all about that pumpkin spice latte, are you happily digging into your collection of flannel shirts? Or shopping for new ones? 

For us bikers, flannels are the perfect way to transition from all those hot-hot-hot Summer days into the sometimes-cool-mornings and evenings of Autumn. When it’s not yet cold enough for leather, but not warm enough to skip the sleeves entirely, it’s Flannel to the Rescue!

Becoming an expert at layering, especially as the seasons change, separates an always-ready-to-ride biker from the rest of the pack. You should know when to add a good quality flannel shirt to your selection of gear. Whether it’s a typical flannel shirt, a full-on armored riding flannel, or something in between, there’s a flannel for everyone. 

What makes one shirt better than another when it comes to riding in a flannel? Here are a few features to think about when choosing your next flannel shirt: 

Fabric: A good tight weave fabric helps to block the wind. If the weave is too loose, the shirt won’t offer much in the way of warmth. 

Buttons: The collar should button or snap down to keep it from slapping in the wind. Extra buttons at the cuff to make the sleeves fit tighter are great for helping to keep the wind out also.

Pockets: Extra pockets, inside or outside, to hold your gear are a great bonus, especially if they are zippered or have snaps to keep your items securely inside.

Armor: Flannels designed specifically for riders can come with armor panels for the back, shoulders, and/or elbows, or simply have pockets for them so you can add your own. These frequently have front zippers as well. 

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